• June 2014

    Just Jay Launches his New website about the Productions.

    A website about the Artist Johnny Ramos is under construction.

  • January 2014

    Just Jay and Chelsy Shantel in Luanda Angola working on her new album.


  • 2013

    Finally some new material of Capeverdean Zouk/R&B artist Johnny Ramos " Nha Primeiro Amor" which means "My first Love". It is the first single from the upcoming album "The Music made me do It" to be released in 2014.


    The song was produced by Richy George from the Jockey Boys and co-produced by Johnny (Just Jay) Ramos him self.


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  • Chelsy Shantel -Divagar.jpg

    Chelsy Shantel

    Third studio album

    Johnny Ramos a.k.a. Just Jay is currently working on the third studio album of Chelsy Shantel.The well known singer who is based in Portugal and Angola contracted JR to take the honors and produce the whole album from scratch, besides producing a few tracks himself, JR will be writing on the other guest producers tracks as well as guiding Chelsy in the studio and taking a few mixes  for his account. The first single of the album, “ Fatiga” produced by and featuring  Dji Tafinha is already in circulation on youtube and on TV, the second single Divagar produced by Joz I am a.k.a. Ngunza from O2 and re-arranged and written by JR is already on soundcloud. Stay tuned for more news on developments on Chelsy Shantel's new album.



  • DjamilaDelves.jpg

    Djamila Delvis

    Melody and lyrics

    For the upcoming promotional single of  Djamila Delvis,  Johnny wrote the melody and lyrics on a track produced by Wilson Lopes. The potential hitsong " É melhor não "  will be the long awaited comeback for Djamila Delvis.

  • coracaodeferro.jpg

    Johnny Ramos

    Maxi Single

    It's been a while since Johnny Ramos  released some fresh material on the Kizomba market, after the release of the best of in 2011, there has been just one single late 2013 " Nha Primeiro amor" so it's only justified that the Just Jay team would concentrate on Johnny's next album, but before the album hits the stores there will be first a maxi single which will be released in august 2014.

    The second youtube release will be " Coraçao de ferro" a track written and produced by G-Amado, this is the first song ever from Johnny completely in Portuguese.

  • G- Amado.jpg

    G - Amado


    G- Amado is one of the upcoming superstars of the new Kizomba generation, he is currently working on his second studio album and he asked if Johnny would do a duet with him. Inspired by this new talent Johnny Ramos a.k.a. Just Jay got to work in the studio and composed and produced a beat for this interesting collaboration between the two artists.

    Release date is yet unknown.